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These days, patient safety has made much attention. To be safe, the first step is to prevent from accidental injury. However, a number of unplanned extubation still taken place in intensive care units (ICU). When an extubation occurred, it often increased the workload of registered nurses. Moreover, this might triggered serious complications, arrhythmia, and hemodynamically unstable of patients. Thus, I designed Tube Care to prevent and reduce the chances of unplanned extubation from both registered nurses and patients themselves.

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My Role

This is an interdisciplinary project with the intensive clinical unit of National Cheng Kung University hospital, the biggest teaching hospital in the south of Taiwan.

My works include: Contextual inquiries and interviews with nurses / Field research regarding environment of the intenstive clinical unit / Idea brainstorming ,sketching , and prototype testing / Patent research

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  1. We got limited of time to design this project from scratch due to the approaching election date. From concept brainstorming to  final product producing we only used less than three weeks.

  2. Lots of teenagers feel aloof to politics, however engage in society activities are critical. So, at that time, we wanted to design a product can help children and elders discuss about politics together in a relax condition.


Final Design 

We came out with three versions of postcard in the end. Each one has a unique concept, including Positive competition attitude, Oppose media distortion, and Refuse to stigmatize. All three of them will only appear their real concept when the temperature is higher enough. As a result, the postcards are so fun that not only teenagers willing to buy but also adults,too. We sold more then one hundred postcards in 1day and also got a chance to meet with the mayor.

Research process

Target Users

Major / 20-40 years old people intend to change Taipei and create new

social values of Taiwan

Minor 40-60 years old citizens who want to pass on the opportunities to the next generation to open up new bureau

Research process


At first, We simply wanted to make some harmless fun of politicians. But after several discussions, we decided the business to be product-oriented.

The products have to be "emphasizing on peace and rationality, enhancing positive energy among Taiwanese society" .

Research process

Design Guildline

1.Showing three main issues:

  • News reports are not always true.

  • A candidates is usually abused by not only other candidates but the publics. 

  • Always be positive toward election and politics.


2.Illustrating that political activities can be more creative rather than just mocking at the candidates.

Research process

Target object

We focused on postcards because this is one of the most common elements in campaigns. Also, the design of those promotional materials are often lack of aesthetics. 


In addition, we had a budget limit since that we decided to donate all the profit to a rural hospital.

Project Overview


“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them

yourself.”  ── Andy Warhol


This project was an amazing journey, just started by one little action, trying to do something can help the society. Moreover, lots of people supported this product. We sold 200 postcards just in one day. At the end, we met the mayor of  Taipei city and was reported by online news. This help me to  be more confident about my belief that, as a designer, I should not only design products but convey the right value to the Community.j In this project, we emphasized on peace and rationality, enhanced positive energy among Taiwanese society.

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Sketch Discussion

After discussing, we decided temperature-detecting postcard as the final product. Eventually, there were 3 patterns which bring amazement..

Graphic Design

A. Positive competition:

We hope candidates bearing more positive attitude to Taipei mayoral election, supporting and encouraging each other. After all, we live on the same land and want to make Taiwan a better place.

B. Oppose media distortion:

People are often not aware of information being biased by medias. We think it’s important to pay more attention to distinguish what is true and what isn’t.

C. Refuse to stigmatize:

It’s common to see candidates irrationally discrediting each other during election campaign. However, in order to make a right choice, what citizens should really concentrate on are political views.




Produce process


Temperate-sensoring ink consists of four key elements, pigments, reagent, decolorized agent, and resin. Different concentration will determine the quality of final product.

So, before we sent the files to the printing factory, we made lots of prototypes by silk screen printing in order to preview the effect of temperate-sensoring ink in different conditions. 

Produce process


In order to print the 'Stigma Out' postcard, we have to first print the normal cards at one  printing factory. After that, we took the semi-finished goods to the specialize pringing factory to cover temperate-sensoring ink on them.

Business Model


Key partners

Ke, Wen-Zhe office -

[He is the mayor of Taipei]

Introducing media for us.

Friends and classmates -

Promoting our postcard.

Key resources

  1. Printing factory:Blue Print Company

  2. Tempratre-sensoring ink:Dai Xing Printing Company

  3. Goods for building our vendor:Crew member's mom

Key activities

We sold lots of postcard in 2 certain campaigns for two reasons. First, the connection between the activities and story of our postcard is strong. Second, these activities gather lots of people who have the same faith of making Taiwan a better place together.

Customers' relationships

“Customers are also our partners on the same page.”


Through describing meanings of our postcards, we would like to enhance the customers’ recognition and set off  innovation waves. The purchase is no longer only a simple transaction behavior, but a step toward a brighter future.


Selling on Facebook

Media news such as ETtoday

Vending at C.K.S memorial hall


The sum of business NTD$ 10275 ,while  the cost was NTD$ 18895( Including the try and error) . We lost some money, however, the belief of making election better is priceless.

Also, I think this valuable experience can apply in other countries, too. For example, when I saw the US president election last month, it was like the same situation had happened in my country. In conclusion, utilizing positive attitude to face politics is

basic knowledge, however people in everywhere still need a fun reminder to arise the benevolent inside their heart. 

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