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Everything I build is evidence-based before it becomes pixel-perfect.

Common Questions of Chenghong

Q1: What makes him unique?

He is inspired by Industrial Design, trained as a Human Computer Interaction designer, and interested in Learning Science and coding.

He is multifaceted and can conduct design in different phases but never forget empathy is the core of the design. His approach to conduct UX design is influenced by his dedication to how design, data, and technology can solve real-world problems. 

Q2: Why he view design as a career not just a job?

He never sees design as a job but a way to approach everything in his daily life. He keeps exploring design as what he loved. He follows Jan Chipchase, Julie Zhou, Daniel Burka, Jared Spool, etc. He reads articles on designmodo,  AListApart, Edsurge, Yanko Design, etc.

Q3: What is his educational background?

He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University’s METALS program (Masters of Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science) in Human Computer Interaction Institute. Where he learned both HCI and Learning Science. 

In 2015, He got a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Taiwan.

Q4: Where does he want to work at?

The size of the company doesn't matter. However, He hopes to involve in a design team that focuses on pixels to services. With a combination of his experience in designing data-driven SaaS platforms and Edtech products,  he would love to stay in an environment that can embrace failure and evolve from mistakes.

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