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Hi, I am Chenghong Wang.

Product Designer at Kidaptive.

Creating interactive experiences in screens and beyond.

Selected projects below, or

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How might we enable personalized and data-driven learning to alleviate traditional cram school SAT prep?

# Product Design 

# Edtech

# Data Visualization



# Tablet App Design

Client: Assemble, a nonprofit educational organization

# UX Research

How might we enhance student's confidence through portfolio building?

# Wireframes



How might we facilitate learning while working is the first priority?

# Web App Design

Client: A professional services organization that operates in more than 100 countries

# Client-Sponsored Capstone Project

# Innovative Features Proposing


Make It Count

How might we provide  an efficient channel between veterans and donors?

# Coding

Client: Make it Count

# Customer Identity Design

# Responsive Web 

Money Muscle

How Might we teach teens basic finance principles in a delightful way?

# Service Design

Clinet: PNC Bank

# Design Methods

# IOS Mobile App Design

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How might we raise the conception chances for couples with infertility complications?

# IoT Product Design

# Reported by Dailyedventures

Client: Microsoft, Taiwan

# First Place Awarded Product

Research, Experience Design, and Implementation
With corporations and startups