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I AM a DoeR

About me
Hi, I am Chenghong.

A Product / User Experience Designer

I’m a user experience designer, educational product strategist, and design advocator.
I focus on blending learning principles with design methods and create products and experiences that solve complex problems.
To achieve this I have a focus on user research, storyboarding, prototyping, and learning science to inform and navigate the evidence-based design process.
I am a problem solver, creative doer, and active listener.
I embrace the process to make hands wet, failed, and try again. Also, I like to share with teammates how to think like a designer and collaborate in creative ways.

Common questions​ about me

My Work

Research, Experience Design, and Implementation

With corporations and startups

Facilitate newly promoted employees to learn essential interpersonal skills efficiently.

UX Research | UX / UI Design | Website

Trigger after school learners to document their progress and works to build up confidence with a sense of accomplishment.

UX Research | UX / UI Design | Tablet

Transform art galleries into learning spaces to teach students art and creative thinking.

UX Research | UX Design | Website | Mobile App

Improve the chance of getting pregnant and monitor pregnancy status with a better couple relationship.

UX Research | UX Design | Mobile App | Product

Make It Count

Provide a unique donating tool that is personalized for both donors and individuals need helps.

Still working on it! But we can chat when we meet!

UX & UI Design | Coding | Responsive Website


Stimulates financially oriented communication between teenagers and their parents, while teaching them basic finance principles.

Still working on it! But we can chat when we meet!

UX Research | UX / UI Design | Service Design |

"I love working with Chenghong, he pushes my own thinking as a designer!" - MoMega Teammate

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